Inn / Menu

We offer authentic homemade specials and culinary delights of international cuisine.

Our inn provides plenty of space for a total of 90 people. We expect guests every day, except Monday, between 10 am and 10 pm. We ask closed groups to reserve the space in advance for their special events using the form below.

Our most popular dishes include the homemade fried chicken that goes especially well after a long day of having fun at the the Tromeja (Triple Border) or Planica. Lovers of homemade Slovene cuisine often opt for the Kranjska klobasa (Carniolian sausage) and special foods prepared after the koline (traditional festivity in the Slovenia countryside - pig slaughtering).

Many tourists are most excited by the exquisite culinary specialities. The Rateče carps are available all year long, and when in season: home-made noodles with real local porcinis. This cannot be served without soup with home-made bread baked in the baker’s oven.


Prosciutto from kras 9,30
Aassorted sausages 9,30
Home made sausage 8,90
Beefsteak tartar 18,90
Minced lard bread 8,00
Cheese plate 2,90
Beef soup with noodles 3,0
Bouillon with egg 3,0
Beef soup 3,0
Vegetable soup 3,0
Mushroom cream soup 3,99
Tomato soup 3,0
Spaghetti on wish 6,90
Spaghetti bolognese 6,80
Spaghetti carbonara 7,50
Pasta with gorgonzola 3,60
Fried cheese 7,90
Omlet with cheese and ham 6,70
Rateški krapi (culinary specialty) 8,70
Trout(0,1kg) 2,90
Shrimps buzzara 21,00
Fish plate (2 persons) 39,90
Sea bream or branzio 3,30
Grilled calamari 2,90
Fried calamari 9,90
Stufed calamari 10,80
Tris calamari 11,30
Calamari with mushrooms 12,50
Mixed plate »ZERJAV« (for 3 pers.) 35,00
Fried chicken 9,90
Stewed liver 9,40
Carniolan sausage 8,20
Scallop Vienna 9,90
Cordon bleu 10,80
Scallop with mushrooms 10,80
Steak with onions 11,90
Turkey in cream sauce 10,50
Scallop Vienna 11,90
Turkey steak Jalovec 12,50
Fried Frog legs 9,20
Vegetarian plate 9,20
Covered beefsteak with egg 18,60
Pepper steak 18,60
Steak mit funghi 19,60
Ramstek po kmečko 12,90
Cutlet grilled 8,10
Ramstec grilled 11,90
Grilled chicken (1/2) 8,90
Mixed grilled meat 11,70
Balkan plate (for 2 person) 21,90
Čevapčiči 8,70
Pleskavica 8,70
Chicken skewers 9,50
Pancakes with mushrooms 8,00
Risotto with mushrooms 8,00
Grilled mushrooms 12,50
Fried mushrooms 12,10
Pasta with mushrooms 8,50
Vloženi jurčki 5,00
Plain potatoes 2,90
Roasted potatoes 3,10
Pommes frittes 3,30
»Duvec« rice 3,00
Croquettes 3,50
Buckwheat mush »žganci 3,80
Boiled vegetable 2,90
Salad bar 4,40
Orehova potica 3,20
Apple or blueberry strudel 3,50-3,90
Ice cream with forest fruits 3,70
Fruit salad 3,20
Pancakes (with marmelade, chocolate, nuts…) 4,00-5,00
Štefani omelette (for 4 persons) 13,50
Gibanica 4,70
Cheese dumplings 4,40
Sorbeto 4,30
»Zmrzlina« (homemade ice cream) 3,60


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